1,500 free parking spaces become paying in Annecy

1,500 free parking spaces become paying in Annecy

The inhabitants of Annecy as well as the tourists could take advantage of the free parking spaces on the lakefront. In order to promote alternative transportation, these parking spaces are now subject to a fee.

Parking lots near the lake now charged

The decision was made at the last city council meeting. In order to reduce the use of cars and to favor public transportation and soft modes such as cycling, many parking spaces in Annecy are now paying since June 14. This experiment will last until September 19, 2021.

In total, 10 parking areas near the lake are concerned: the parking lots of Colmyr, ESAAA, Marquisats, Tillier, the nautical base on the Marquisats beach side, Impérial, Sainte-Bernadette, Belle Étoile, Albigny, Petit Port and Chavoires.

From June 14 to September 19, the parking meters are in place for this experiment. The rate will be that of the green zone of Annecy either 1 € per hour.

Attention The parking will be paid from 9 am to 6 pm and 7 days a week, unlike the historic green zone which is free between 12 and 2 pm and on Sundays.

The economic impact of this decision on modest families who live far from Lake Annecy and who can hardly do without a car, will be taken into account for the evaluation of this experiment. Moreover, a petition was launched by angry residents who want at least one parking area to remain free near the lake.

Subscription for residents and workers

Residents who used these spaces for lack of a garage or private parking can take a parking space for their car resident’s subscription “at the rate of 12,50 € per month during the 3 months of experimentation. People who work in the city of Annecy and who live more than 5 km from the parking lot they wish to use can take out an Act Eco subscription from the Annecy Parkings municipal service on 04 50 33 87 99. This subscription only concerns the Imperial, Sainte-Bernadette, Balleydier and Romains parking lots for the summer season.

Promote an alternative to the car

The objective of the Annecy city council and the Greater Annecy agglomeration is to offer tourists and residents alike an alternative to the automobile with the following accompanying measures:

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