48 hours in Paris offer you the luxury during a weekend

48 hours in Paris: treat yourself to a weekend of luxury

Paris, the city of light, is known worldwide for its elegance and romanticism. Capital of the culture, the’Whether it’s art, gastronomy, luxury or fashion, Paris attracts all types of visitors. You will soonôYou are staying in the French capital and you want to take full advantage of the city’s assets ? Even if you only have 48 hours, our advice will help you make your stay in Paris a dream weekend !

Put down your suitcases in a luxurious Parisian apartment for a few days’a weekend

For a’Soak up the luxury of Paris, choose a luxury apartment for your stay in Paris. This is not’It’s not for nothing that the rental of’You will enjoy a luxury apartment for a trip to Paris’one of the most popular options for celebrities and tourists who come to the French capital. C’is the’You have the assurance of being able to reside in the’one of the most beautiful and luxurious districts of Paris, the time to’a moment.

You will enjoy a’a breathtaking view of the city.

Luxury apartments are available for rent for a few days in the most prestigious areas of the capital. You will be able to enjoy the comfort and of the luxury of beautiful Parisian apartments, completely renovated, but still with the authenticity and elegance of these prestigious properties. Of course, the rental often includes additional services and high-end amenities. In some’between them, you can even have :

  • d’a beautiful library,
  • d’a panoramic balcony,
  • d’a terrace,
  • d’a home cinema,
  • d’an indoor pool,
  • d’a spa,
  • d’a gym.

You can visit the sites of renting of goods of the Sahara’Paris luxury apartments to find luxury apartments for rent in the best areas of the city. Luxury, spacious and designer apartments, equipped and furnished in modern or classic style, are to be discovered in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the Champs Élysées, in the Triangle d’Or and in the Parisian suburbs’Or, in Boulogne or at the Trocadero.

Wouldn’t a stay in a luxury apartment on the Champs-Élysées, the most beautiful avenue in the world, make you dream? ? You will find yourself close to several restaurants, cafes and luxury stores’a walk.

Spend an evening in a famous Parisian cabaret

The City of Light is not only known for the’art and gastronomy, it also has its famous cabarets ! Paris, c’is the city of the party and glamour, always in the’elegance. If you venture out at night, the capital will be more than just a place to eat’Paris is alive with cabarets that opened in the late 19th centuryá?? century. Cabarets known and recognized all over the world The Moulin Rouge, La Nouvelle Eve, Le Crazy Horse and many more await you… Each cabaret has, of course, its own universe, but what they have in common is that they all have the same’is thisôglamorous, unique and very artistic.

The artists’ costumes are elegant and graceful, the shows amazing and entertaining. The dancers will dazzle you with their choreographed performances, glamorous, sexy and elegant dances that will give you the feeling of being in the spotlight’impression of’be in another era, in the time of Gatsby the magnificent !

What makes the difference of these famous cabarets of Paris, c’It’s that the shows and the setting are outdoor’a great elegance. You’ll be immersed in luxury, without the slightest vulgarity. Spending an evening in a cabaret is truly a must during your stay’a visit to Paris for memorable souvenirs.

Explore the famous tourist attractions of Paris

During your short stay, spend a day or half day visiting the most famous tourist attractions of Paris. Of course, at the top of the list is the Eiffel Tower. This iconic attraction is located on the left bank of the Seine, not far from the Champs-Élysées.

The Eiffel Tower is open every day between 9:30 am and 10:30 pm, so you can plan your day well.

Then, you absolutely must visit the Louvre Museum. It s’the museum of Paris’the most important art in the world, a perfect visit for your luxury stay ! With more than 8 million visitors each year, the Louvre is the most popular museum in Paris’one of the most visited museums in the world. Note that the Louvre welcomes visitors from Wednesday to Monday, and is closed on Tuesday.

You can visit it between 9am and 6pm.

Finally, you should also include in your program a visit to the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral. This famous cathedral is located on the edge of the city’Ile de la Cité. Eight centuries old, it symbolizes the splendor of Europe’Gothic architecture and has always been l’one of the most visited sites in France. Built over a particularly long period of time (nearly 300 years), this magnificent cathedral surprises by the different architectural styles that are mixed together’s architectural styles.

Even if’You had to wait until 2024 to visit the Louvre’the splendor of this gothic cathedral, seen from the outside’The outdoor setting is really worth the detour.

Enjoy a delicious dinner in a Michelin-starred Parisian restaurant

Paris, the world capital of gastronomy, is well worth its reputation. It is impossible to have a perfect luxury stay in Paris without a dinner in a restaurant ! And not only’any of them, in a Michelin starred restaurant to have a perfect dinner, as tasty as beautiful and elegant visually.

You will enjoy a meal concocted with passion by a renowned chef in a sumptuous setting. This ensures a perfect tasting and visual experience ! From the’From appetizer to dessert, you will delight your taste buds and amaze your senses for an unforgettable moment. Michelin-starred restaurants are constantly looking for new flavors and new culinary feats to delight the palate.

The techniques used, the choice of ingredients which are often products of the same origin as the ones used in the past, are very important’Exceptional and one of the most visited’the love that the chef puts into the dishes make them exceptional.

For your stay in Paris, you will experience a beautiful evening, in a terrace under the stars with a breathtaking view of Paris, to savor from appetizer to dessert’exception. C’is a must for a romantic stay or why not, to treat yourself alone, you deserve it ! When choosing your Michelin-starred restaurant, choose those that offer the specialties you prefer. The setting, the’The atmosphere and location of the restaurant are also important to fully enjoy yourself.

Of course, don’t forget to reserve your table.

starred restaurant in Paris

Visit the Palace of Versailles and explore its beautiful gardens

The Palace of Versailles is a former royal residence nestled within walking distance of Paris. C’is the’We have listed for you one of the most popular luxury attractions in the Ile-de-France and it is well worth the detour. Indeed, for years, the castle has been surprising visitors with its majestic architecture and its grandeur.

And of course, the beautiful gardens of the Château de Versailles The island is a place for walking and exploring’must-see excursions.

To fully enjoy this beautiful place, it is advisable to book a day for a guided tour of the palace. Thanks to an excursion of’If you want to spend a whole day here, you will soak up the magic of this luxurious place.

Green rooms, groves on the’magnificent look for royal parties, musical gardens, fountains with various effects, statues…, each step in this dream place will make you live an unforgettable experience. The groves of the Palace of Versailles have a romantic style for a romantic excursion, in the greatest elegance.

Attention, because the Palace of Versailles is closed on Monday. From Tuesday to Sunday, however, you can make a visit between 9 am and 5:30 pm. Remember to make a reservation if you want to visit the palace during your stay.

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