5 ways to enjoy the island’Island of’Yeu

You are planning to visit this French island, but you don’t know what to do ? L’île d’Yeu is located in the Vendée, in the Pays de la Loire region. This island with its unique decor is’extends over 23.32 km² and has a few thousand people’inhabitants. There are many ways to enjoy your stay on this island.

Whether it’s on these beautiful sandy beaches or on a bike tour, it will offer you all its charm. We have compiled for you a list of some of the most popular luxury attractions in the Ile-de-France’There are many activities that will allow you to fully enjoy this island of Africa’former province of Poitou.

Rent a bike to visit the’island

Although vehicles are accepted on the island, the preferred means of travel is by car’Although vehicles are allowed on the island, the preferred means of travel on the island is by car’island c’is the bike. So, if you want to rent a bike in the Loire Valley’island of’Yeu, n’Do not hesitate to make a reservation. On a trip on the’on the island, enjoy the view by taking a bike ride. A single road will take you around the island’island.

The terrain is flat, so you won’t have to go far’will have no trouble pedaling through this two-faced landscape.

Being the’one of the only ways to get around the island’You will easily find bicycle rental companies on the island. These professionals will explain to you how to discover one of the only ways to travel on the island’island. This island is suitable for bike rides.

Visit the market of Port-Joinville, the old castle, the market of Saint-Sauveur in high season. Don’t miss to visit the Grand Phare.

The many bicycle paths will give you the opportunity to discover the charm of this region. If you wish, you can rent a bike for all day or for your entire stay about the’island. Some bike rental companies even offer guided tours to enjoy the scenery as a group.

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Visit the cliffs of the côs western coastline’island of’Yeu

This island presents two very distinct landscapes. Its côThe western part of the island is very similar to the one in the southôThe Breton landscape, with its cliffs, granites and creeks. You will be able to visit La Meule, this small port located in a natural cove. Enjoy this picturesque landscape and listen to the waves in a deep calm. If you need to spend a pure moment of relaxation, c’est l’place that’you need.

This village with its atypical landscape captures the spirit of the island’The island is a popular destination for visitors with its fishermen’s huts and small chapel.

You can also visit its côfrom Port-Joinville. If you arrive on the’You can also discover the beauty of its harbor by boat between the two islands fishing, commercial and pleasure boats. Take a moment to watch the waves hitting the reefs.

This show gives you the feeling of being on the island’to be rocked by them. Relax and free yourself from all your thoughts to enjoy only this moment.

Visit the beautiful beaches of the’island of’Yeu

This island with beautiful landscapes has more than’about twenty beaches. It lets you choose between small coves and sandy beaches. Among others, you will have the choice between the beach of the Vieilles, the’the beach of Soux, Ker Chalon and the Marais Salé.

On the coastôs western coastline’There are many coves on the island that will enhance your stay.

The beach of Sabias, the creeks of Belle-Maison, the beach of Pulante, Gournaise, the beach of Borgne, the beach of Roses are all places of relaxation. You can enjoy every moment you spend on these beaches. Stroll along the sandy beaches of this beautiful island.

During your stay, you can enjoy every moment and discover the island’island of’another way with its hot water creeks.

Take advantage of the many sandy beaches on the coastôs beachesôthe Vendée beaches. All along the coast you will findôYou will find small houses all painted in white. C’is the landscape that s’You can also rent a scooter or a car to drive around the island’island by boat.

If visitors like the beaches of the island as much as they do, they will find that the island has a lot to offer’island, c’s east because they are protected from the wind by the cliffs’They are protected from the wind by the cliffs that surround them.

Discover the historical monuments of the island’island of’Yeu

In addition to its beautiful beaches, the’island of’Yeu offers you a panoramic view of its historical monuments. You can visit the big lighthouse located on the Pointe des Corbeaux. It was destroyed in 1944 and rebuilt in 1950.

The old castle is a fortress of the Middle Ages classified as a historical monument in 1900. You can enjoy a guided tour of’You can enjoy a guided tour of this old building at the Pointe du Châtelet.

Located on the heights of Port-Joinville, the citadel the Fort of Pierre-Levée deserves a real detour. It is’acts of’a building that was once a prison on the island’State. Then it became a barracks and finally the place of detention of Marshal Pétain in the years 1945 to 1951.

You will be able to access it for free whenever you want or accompanied by a friend’a guide.

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Visit the’island with a’How to travel when you are afraid of other means of transportation

In addition to walking and biking which are the preferred means of locomotion in Yeu’In short, you can enjoy the island’other means of travel. If you don’t’If you are not the sporty type, you can rent a car upon arrival in Port-Joinville. However, you will not be able to rent a motorcycle’You will not have access by car to all the picturesque corners of the island’island.

To visit, you will have to park to get out and discover some places. The little train of the’The island offers you a 2 hour guided tour.

You can also choose to travel by bus. The choice is yours. One thing is for sure, you won’t resist a short walk along the coastline of Yeuôtes.

You have the possibility to rent a car on site or online. You can also rent a scooter or a motorcycle on the island’island to move around with confidence.

In short, you can enjoy the island’island of’Yeu in all its splendor and its magnificent beaches. Several tours are available to facilitate your visit’exploration of the’and its historical monuments. Take a trip there for your next vacation and go for a bike ride or a walk to enjoy it fully.

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