Escapade on the land of horses

You are passionate about horses, you like to ride them, discover them, walk with them. And if you offered yourself a getaway in Camargue, the land of horses on the Mediterranean coast.

Discover the Camargue

Nestled in the’west of Marseille, in the’east of Montpellier and south of’In Arles, the Camargue is a regional natural park, it is the most beautiful region in France’is therefore a protected area recognized for its fauna and flora. Within this space mixing land, sea and marshes, the locality which distinguishes itself particularly in Camargue it is a protected space and recognized for its natural environment’is obviously Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. This seaside resort has gained its notoriety with gypsy communities (Gypsies and Manouches) from all over the world who gather to feast together and celebrate the Black Madonna every spring (May).

But the Camargue, it’s’is also the land of horses ! Indeed, nature offers a perfect landscape to discover sitting on a horse. We find everywhere in the Camargue, ranches that offer more or less long rides on horseback. For all levels and all desires, you will be able to discover the beauties of this regional natural park, to admire the migratory birds in pause in the marshes… A unique spectacle to live in communion with nature.

Where to stay in the Camargue

We found the right address for you’you need. Discover the Mas des Rièges in the Camargue, this hotel in Saintes-Maries-de-la-mer is in the calm of the countryside’tourist effervescence of the seaside resort. L’hotel has’A beautiful swimming pool, but also a great place to relax’a spa with possible massage treatments.

N’Isn’t it ideal to be able to relax and unwind with a good massage after a horseback ride in the heart of the Camargue ? An experience as exotic as relaxing, to live in love or why not with friends.

Staying in this Mas can also be a good gift idea to offer to someone’It is the perfect place to relax and unwind with a loved one whom you want to spoil. A relaxing and decompressing break in the heart of nature, with massages given by professionals, to release all the tensions accumulated during weeks and months.

The Camargue is easily accessible and yet so exotic

Ideally located in the south of France, the Camargue is easily accessible by road from many major cities. For example, it takes about an hour to get from Montpellier to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and about an hour and a half from Marseilles. Arriving from the Côte d’In the French Riviera, it takes about three hours from Nice and almost the same from Lyon. From the capital, it will be necessary to count less than eight hours of road.

L’The interest of the Camargue’The most important thing about this regional nature park is that it is easily accessible via major roads to enter it.

And if you came to discover the ponds and landscapes of the Camargue this year ? A French destination for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay. You might even discover new activities in the Camargue. In any case, you will have pretty memories.

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