Choosing your ski jacket

Skiing enthusiasts start to get impatient when temperatures drop. They will soon be able to ski on the snow, forget their daily worries, strengthen their bodies and have a good time with their loved ones. A good ski jacket figure among the essential equipment. In addition to the technical criteria, the choice depends on the program, physical characteristics and personal preferences.

Let’s review.

Understanding the technical criteria

The index of permeability indicates the waterproofness of a jacket. Its value is between 3000 and 28.000 mm. A high number means an excellent weather resistance. So you can go out in extreme conditions.

And above all, any falls will not affect your comfort.

Breathability determines the fabric’s ability to wick away sweat, because cold increases as sweat cools. Selecting a jacket with an index higher than 8000 grs/m 2 /24H is recommended. In addition, it is better to avoid cotton clothes, they retain moisture.

A good thermal insulation protects the body from cold and wind. Special material is required when temperatures are extreme. The natural down is among the references in this field.

A ski jacket that fits your program

A ski jacket has three main functions. It prevents water from seeping in, keeps your body warm, and helps you stay warm protects you from the elements. The choice will evolve according to the program and the weather conditions.

Ski touring

To tame the powder and explore new landscapes, it’s best to choose light and breathable jackets. The presence ofan opening to facilitate ventilation will improve comfort during intense efforts. An excellent waterproofness is also required when the cold is rigorous or if the snow falls.

On the other hand, if the temperature is milder, a simple water-repellent windbreaker will be enough to protect you.

Downhill skiing

A jacket with good waterproofing is necessary if you are on the slopes when a thin layer of spittle or small snowflakes fall. A index close to 25.000 mm is then essential. If you prefer to stay in the resorts when the temperature is milder, lighter clothing is appropriate.

choice of ski jacket

Freeride skiing

Outings in the wilderness require excellent waterproofing. An index greater than 20.A ski jacket with a breathability of up to 000 mm is a good guarantee, but also a good breathability is essential. Since you’ll be facing extreme temperatures, an efficient membrane is recommended.

Cross-country skiing

Traveling long distances requires a waterproof jacket efficient evacuation of perspiration. If you are sensitive to the cold or the elements, a windproof jacket will be the third layer of your clothing.

A matching ski jacket

Even if the climatic conditions are similar, the perception of the cold varies from one skier to another. People who are sensitive to the cold need better protection. In this context, it is necessary to emphasizing the isolation when choosing.

Manufacturers offer several models

Designers are now offering jackets with several pockets. They allow you to carry essential items such as your bank card and identity card. They also allow you to listen to your favorite songs on the slopes.

The configuration of the closures varies enormously. They reinforce the waterproofness of clothing and offer you more options. Ventilation zippers improve moisture wicking while blocking snow.

Finally, you can select the hood, the cuffs and the snow skirt according to your preferences.

Pleasing himself is the most important thing

Today you have the possibility to compare the different offers. The first step starts with theassessing your needs. You can then search on social networks and specialized websites. In this way, you will find a ski jacket with good value for money.

Feeling at ease is essential, take the time to test before finalizing your decision.

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