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How to fit out your car to sleep in for the vacations ?

Bohemia in the’core ? You want to drive up and down the country without having to worry about finding a place to sleep every time you go on vacation ? So, why not fit out your car ? C’This is a flexible and inexpensive solution that can be easily achieved with a little’organization. It will make your life easier and will offer you a unique travel experience, quite different from the one you are used to. Freedom is the key word for this type of travel.

Why choose a car?’to arrange your car to sleep in it during a trip ?

L’s layout’a car to sleep in It has become quite popular to rent a car during a trip. This allows not to be dependent on a car’a fixed accommodation (hotel, motor home, Airbnb, youth hostel, etc.).), which leaves more freedom to explore the four corners of the globe including the less urbanized parts. C’However, it is also an economically advantageous solution, since it is a good way to save money’it allows considerable savings on overnight accommodation during the vacations.

Proof of this success, the’emergence of the road-trip. S’It is more conventional to rent or buy a car’If you are thinking of buying a motorhome for this type of itinerant trip, it is possible to buy a camper’If you want to have more comfort, you should fit out your everyday car, which offers more flexibility and is also more economical. So if you want to make a road-trip in France or elsewhere, let yourself be tempted by this itinerant organization to spend unforgettable moments.

While using your car as both your mode of transportation and your place of rest is certainly cheaper than booking places to sleep during your vacation, you still need a car to sleep in’invest a little in the back seat’layout. C’That’s why if you plan to jump on the bandwagon and go to the West Indies, you should buy a motorhome for this type of trip’As a proof of this success, you will have to think about insuring your car with a car insurance like Groupama.

What type of car can you do this with? ?

With a bit of space’organization, it is possible to’It is possible to fit out all the cars even if you don’t have a car of your own’You won’t necessarily have the same comfort or the same space to travel’one model to another. However, the car models that will best lend themselves to this type of conversion are the ones that are most likely to be rented’The only ones that can be fitted are those with’A large trunk with retractable rear seats and a decent height under the roof. For example, the C3 wagon has a large rear area, same thing with the Honda Fit.

What kind of car can we do this with?

How to fit out your car for vacations ?

The most basic is to’invest the back seat to sleep to the’help from’a sleeping kit always stored in the trunk or at the foot of the seat. It must contain at least a comforter and a headlamp. However, it’This is the most basic solution.

If you want a little more comfort, you can’I recommend you to use the kit for the privacy and security of your car’It is possible to fit a car model with a large trunk and with retractable rear seats to save more space.

Concerning sleeping arrangements, two solutions are available’Then offer you. You can either put a comfortable mattress on the bed, or you can put a mattress on the floor’You can either use an inflatable kit in the back of the trunk or you can use the rear of the trunk. The first tip is certainly the one that offers the most comfort, but it has the disadvantage of being inflexible.

It will be impossible to store or fold the mattress during the day. The second combination is more flexible, as the overnight equipment can be easily stored to take advantage of the’a rear space during the day. Nevertheless, you will have to reiterate the following’installation every night which can be time consuming.

Concerning the storage, there are kits with some kind of privacy and security’They are equipped with platforms to accommodate the mattress and leave room underneath for storage boxes. A very practical solution, it is however expensive and requires a lot of space’If you want to have a car high enough under the roof to make it viable. If you don’You don’t have to go to the airport’If you don’t have enough space or don’t want to spend a fortune on this kind of kit, you can buy organizer bags that are designed to be attached to the school’s wall’We can also arrange for a passenger and driver seat in the back of the vehicle’before.

L’s advantage is that it’is extremely affordable in terms of price, but also very functional. You will be able to leave them in the car all the time, even outside of the vacations.

If you want a bit of schooling’If you want to have privacy and feel safe, you will also need to cover your windows to filter the light and avoid curious looks. For this, you can a blackout cloth or a sunshade (although it will not filter light optimally).

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