How to make unforgettable memories in Beynac and Cazenac everything you need to see and do

How to make unforgettable memories in Beynac and Cazenac: everything you need to see and do

Want to change air for your next vacation? ? You want to make new memories alone or with your family and have a great time away from the city life ? Why not choose one of the villages close to Sarlat: for example Beynac and Cazenac located at only 10 km. Today, this place has become a favorite destination for the majority of French people and many other tourists who want to have a good time and breathe fresh air.

However, this is not what makes the beauty of these places. Come to this beautiful village in France to experience an unforgettable program. Discover in the following article all that you need to know about this village before settling there.

Rediscover the Middle Ages in a different way by visiting the villages of Beynac and Cazenac

Like any place with its particularities, the village of Beynac and Cazenac is no exception. Indeed, you will know that you are at your destination thanks to this striking landscape made up of the Dordogne River and the immense rocky promontory. You will then notice a unique decor reminiscent of another era.

Indeed, through its stone streets and its houses of blond stones, you will have made a big jump back in time, in the Middle Ages. As for the possible occupations to spend the time in these places, no worries to have since you will be pleasantly served.

To discover more about the village of Beynac et Cazenac and its old streets for example, you can enjoy a good guided tour organized for tourists. The same is true for its small squares with medieval charm and also for its neighborhoods called the Barrys which will be presented to you during the visits. Have you ever seen roofs built with Perigord lauze ?

Well, this is the perfect opportunity to observe these types of roofs that are unique to the region. Note that this local heritage that makes the charm of this village contains enormous surprises. To appreciate its beauty, it is recommended to be placed directly under the eaves. It is certain that you will enjoy the scenery.

To ensure you these exceptional moments, opt for the Camping les 2 vallées whose reputation is not to be proven anymore.

Visit the fortress of Beynac and Cazenac to reveal your knightly soul

You wonder how to have fun with your family in the village of Beynac and Cazenac ? For that, equip yourself with your disguises and make a tour in the magnificent Castle of Beynac. Indeed, this castle offers the best setting to play knights in family.

Note that its location is not at all complicated to find. The castle is represented by a 12th century monument that dominates the village from afar. It is a building that offers much more than majestic facades.

The reason why the castle has been classified as a historical monument since 1944 is to be found elsewhere.

To discover it, you will have to go inside the building. Once inside, it is not impossible that you will have a feeling of déjà vu. It is a historical place that has been used in some famous movies such as Joan of Arc or Les Visiteurs.

This is quite normal since this castle remains one of the best preserved places in this region.

What would a vacation be without souvenir photos ? You must know that to have unforgettable and striking photos in these places, you will have to go to the top of the village to take them. Thus, with the panoramic view from the top of the village you will see all the beauty and the value of these castles of the Périgord.


Don’t forget to take a trip on the Dordogne river to discover the port of Beynac

As far as romantic or solo walks are concerned, going down the whole length of the village harbor will be more than enough to have a good time. Up until the 19th century, this port was used to receive the “gabariers”, the “coureaux” and other small ships. These ships were used to transport goods to Bordeaux.

If you go today to the village of Beynac and Cazenac, this is the right place to go if you want to enjoy an excursion on the river. Take a step on board the barges of Beynac and follow the itinerary once used by the barges of yesteryear. Incredible adventures await you there.

The market of Beynac: a place to visit

If you choose to come to the village of Beynac between mid-June and mid-September for your vacation, you will be pleasantly surprised. Indeed, you can make an appointment on Monday mornings at the village parking lot with the locals. Thus, you will taste innumerable flavors at the traditional market of the producers of the region.

Where to stay in Beynac and Cazenac during your vacations ?

During your stay in Beynac, one of the most important points to make sure you have a good time is to find a suitable place for your stay. You will be able to stay in :

La Rossillonie guest house

La Rossillonie is an old hamlet located above the hill of Tralpech at about 1,5 km from Beynac. This bed and breakfast offers you everything you need to spend a wonderful vacation with your family or alone. There you will find three rooms of accommodation’charming hosts, three houses in addition to an apartment.

But that’s not all ! Indeed, it offers its clients a garden for children, a large swimming pool to take a dip in the heat, a terrace and a superb view of the Dordogne valley, so that they can make the most of this paradisiacal place. In addition to all these advantages, you will be able to enjoy their cuisine consisting of many dishes.

The farm “Les Gîtes de Carvès

This old restored farmhouse located in Cazenac near Beynac offers four gîtes, enough to accommodate between two and six people without any worries. It has a large farm and an excellent view of the Dordogne valley. Also note that in this farm you will discover many local dishes and many other delicacies during your stay.

You have no more excuses, enjoy Beynac and let your children experience the village climate, which can sometimes be very interesting for the whole family.

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