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How to prepare your vacation in Costa Rica ?

You are planning to go to Costa Rica ? In the middle of planning a trip or about to leave’If you want to learn more about your destination, you can do so in the following ways. Perhaps you are even looking for some advice for your vacation in this part of the world. Very well, we will try to help you.

Where and when to go to Costa Rica ?

The Costa Rica is a country of’Central America with a tropical climate. This type of climate separates the’year in two distinct seasons, the dry season (late December-April) and the wet season (May to November).

The dry season is the best time to visit Costa Rica, since it is the best time to visit the country’is the hottest season without precipitation. If you are the type of tourist who wants to enjoy the beautiful pages, savor cocktails at the’outdoor activities and swimming, c’is clearly the best period. If you are looking for beautiful and lush landscapes and want to discover the Costa Rican fauna and flora at its best, it is a good idea to do a thorough audit’It is during the wet season that the country’you need to go.

You will have an easier time seeing the turtles that are the pride of the country.

The capital of Costa Rica is San José, If you’re the type of tourist who wants to enjoy the beautiful pages, enjoy cocktails in the’This is where you will find the’The capital is the most abundant cultural offer, such as the museum of the Americas’Pre-Columbian Gold. Nevertheless, the country is mostly known for its beaches and its exceptional biodiversity (volcano, rainforest, ocean, etc.).). If you want to spend your vacation in Costa Rica more towards the Caribbean, you should not hesitate to hire a professional car rental company’ocean, you should rather go to the sides.

In the seaside cities of the country, there is also Puerto Limon which is very popular.

If you want to make a circuit and visit several places, no’If you want to spend your vacation in Costa Rica more towards the tropical climate, don’t hesitate to use a professional car rental company to transport you. Indeed, it is quite common to rent a car to move around the country more easily, as it is quite extensive and wild in places.

Preparing your vacation in Costa Rica: what to do there ?

On site, you can discover the’incredible biodiversity while hiking. The natural parks of Costa Rica are world famous and the’We advise you if you have the time to do all of them to admire the beauty of the place’incredible Costa Rican biodiversity in all its facets.

There is also the Poas volcano as a point of interest’If you want to discover it better, book a day at the Poas volcano national park where you will enjoy the beauty of the landscape’elsewhere of’a striking panorama.

Prepare your vacations in Costa Rica: what to do there?

The Tortuguero village we mentioned earlier is also a must-see. Filled with charms, it has above all the particularity of being a country of’It is a place that is reassuring enough for turtles to come and lay their eggs on its beaches, probably because of its isolated strategic position. Indeed, it can only be reached by navigating the waters of the tropical jungle.

A whole ecosystem dedicated to this reptile is in place’A lot of activities are developed on the spot, in particular the center of conservation of the marine turtles which you will be able to visit during your escapade.

The reserve of Monteverde allows you to discover the fauna of the tropical forest. C’is the’one of the main places of interest’observation of the quetzal, a colorful bird characteristic of Costa Rica. There are also many suspension bridges to facilitate the progress of hikers.

C’is also the’opportunity to’to have an overhanging vision of the fauna and the flora.

What budget to plan ?

Contrary to popular belief about the low cost of living in the country, Beynac is a great place to visit’Central America and South America’South America, Costa Rica is an exception to the rule. It is not advisable to stay here for’go there at Christmas (mid-November) and Holy Week (mid-April), the accommodations almost double their rate.

You will also pay a lot of money for your ticket’plane. A round trip flight from Paris to San José The average cost is 600 €, but it can be much higher on a company like Monteverde’Air France C’is therefore the minimum to plan, but to this will be added the’accommodation, catering, activities, car rental, etc’a vehicle, etc.

It is complicated to give you an average budget as it varies according to your lifestyle and the season you go there, but you should count at least between 700 € and 1,200 € for a stay in the reserve’a week of’It is not recommended to spend more than a week in this area.

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