My review of the Wax Buyers Club, the monthly vinyl box service

My opinion about Wax Buyers Club, the monthly vinyl box service

I don’ like to advertise for free. I hate overselling new products and services that are popping up on the web. I tend to use social networks to yell at brands, complain about their services (isn’ it the Post Office ?). Here, on the blog, I consider that a honest opinion should ALWAYS be the guideline for the Redak.

You will have understood, I am a boring and demanding consumer, and I need time to give my opinion on something. So here is a complete review of the Wax Buyers Club vinyl box, after 2 years of testing.

Vinyl at home ? Why not?.

In 2015, I came across a sponsored ad promoting a vinyl box service. Yes, another box, but one that doesn’t send shorts or socks, but music. Being a record collector myself, I decide to take a closer look and click on the advertisement (well targeted and placed, for once).

Surprise ! The service is very new, very recent ! It’s been only one month since the vinyls are sent to the subscribers. As a result, it is difficult to get any review online or to really know more about the quality. And for the style of music offered, since in May 2015 there is no history, it is the artistic blur of the beginnings for the Wax Buyers Club (at the time called Vinyl Buyers Club).

Two reasons make me say that I must try the experience: 1. By dint of digger (understand to look in the bins of the stores) myself of the vinyl, I buy a little always the same thing. The Club promises diversity.

2. The price is really attractive 299 € the year for 13 records including shipping, it’ 23€ the vinyl. There were cheaper offers for 3 months, and 6 months, but I think that while I’m at it, I might as well send the sauce.

So it’s curiosity that prevails on my first order, which I receive a few days later.

Opinion about Wax Buyers Club: quality and diversity

After almost two years of subscription, I can finally give my opinion ! Although I had already planned to do it some time ago, it is precisely this last one that I miss… I have already received 22 or 23 records, and I think it’ enough to give my opinion on the Wax Buyers Club vinyl box !

It’ become a routine: I wait for my package every month with curiosity ! Because I never know what will be the record of the month… Hip hop ? rock ? pop ? electro ? The package always arrives in excellent condition, the cardboard is solid, the packaging clean. And this is important enough to underline ! How many times a vinyl fan put a reserve on a delivery because the box is broken because too badly packaged ? Too often… And then in case of delivery problem, just chat online with “Ed” to solve the problem.

Because my experience of the Wax Buyers Club is not limited to receiving one vinyl per month. It’s also a frequent contact with the creator, “Ed. Personally, it is by private Twitter messages that I discuss ! To each his own I guess.

Anyway, Ed’ always good advice on various subjects regarding records. For my delivery problems due to the fault of the Post Office ? We always found a solution via Twitter. What I appreciate ? Ed takes care of me, it seems to have anticipated well on the sense of service, addressing in particular to enthusiasts (often relous I imagine).

In summary: absolutely nothing to say about the quality of service of this monthly vinyl box.

All styles are represented at Wax Buyers Club

And on the music side ? Because it is all the same what we expect above all ! There’ no trickery, it’ very clearly stated: you will have at home, every month, a record from an independent label. Basically, there is a 99% chance that you have never heard of the artist in question ! This is the charm of the box: to surprise. As a big Metal and Rock n’ Roll fan myself, I let myself be taken in by the game of discovering artists who would never have entered my collection.

Soul, Pop, Electro, Jazz, Rock, Rap, Folk, French Song, Psyche Rock, Hip-Hop, Stoner are as many styles represented through these twenty albums already received.

To be honest, I wouldn’ go so far as to say that I liked all the records ! But they are all very good, sometimes in a style a little “strange” for me. But in the bunch, there are some little nuggets ! Here are my 5 favorite albums to date:

FX 100, at Jarring Effects : a HUGE compilation that crosses Dub, Dubstep and Electro to finish in the UFO genre.

Satingaron by The Bongo Hop : the rhythm of the South American tropics warms the French bins !

Me and the Devil by The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers : a very good Stoner Rock album.

The Adelians A very beautiful soul voice on a Rhythm & Blues which gives the peach.

DubCatcher II by DJ Vadim : still in a style I wouldn’ have bought, this album didn’ stop surprising me !

Review ?

If my finances permit, I would not hesitate to subscribe to the Wax Buyers Club vinyl box again next year. The received records are all of good quality, and some are a real part of repeated pleasure (it’s a good sign to listen several times to an album !). The subscription is really reasonable and, as a bonus, it also gives you the right to free shipping from the online store !

2022 rates, including shipping 299€ / year for 12 months or 13 vinyls. Otherwise, there is also a monthly subscription for 24,99€ / month, as well as a 4 months subscription for 99€.

And of course the box doesn’ prevent me from going to the record shops, in a completely different approach, as you have understood !

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