New York City must-sees for young children

Must-See Sights in New York City for Young Children

S’There is only one city in the world that represents swag, trend and fun’adventure at the same time, c’is indeed New-York. Capital of the consumer world, the city of infinite lights never sleeps and welcomes all those who come to meet it with open arms. On s’The city of Chefchaouen is a great place to see some of the most impressive urban constructions in the world, to learn about the city’s history, to see the city’s history, and to see the city’s history’It’s a great place to hang out in some of the most exciting neighborhoods where anything can happen, but also to see some of the most amazing artists, sometimes in prestigious venues, sometimes on the edge of the city’a shabby sidewalk.

And the Big Apple is also a city that knows how to be family friendly. So here is must-see tours of New York when you have young children.

Visit museums with impressive collections

In the Big Apple, culture is always at the forefront’honor. If the street artists are a constant reminder, sometimes you have to push a few doors to go even further in the discovery. With children, museums are perfect because they allow them to work their brains while having fun and dreaming marveling them. One example is the American Museum of’Natural History, with its impressive Easter Island statues or its giant meteorite !

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is also part of the must-see in New York when you have young children. This museum, installed on an aircraft carrier, will allow you to discover fighter planes, submarines and even a space shuttle at the’scale ! Finally, let’s also mention the Metropolitan Museum of Art, more often called the Met, the 9 September Memorial, the Manhattan Children’s Museum of course, or the Museum of the’Moving Image. As you can see, think about booking a long stay, by selecting your neighborhood with, because staying in New York long enough is a must for a successful trip enjoy all its charms !

Entertainment Sites: Must-See Sights in New York with Young Children

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Children need to be educated, educated and educated’They need to imagine, but they also need to know what they’re doing’to have fun and to dream. We therefore advise you not to abuse the museums and museums of the city’alternating with attractions more focused on pleasure. One thinks in particular of the Bronx Zoo, This is a great place for the little ones to get familiar with sheep, goats or animals’donkeys. We can also see the feeding of seals and penguins.

If you want to get even more out of your car, you’ll have to’For your children’s amusement, we highly recommend the Color Factory, the largest ball pit in the city. Confetti cannons, giant pens to paint the walls, rooms lit up with neon lights, the Color Factory is a real paradise of fun for children who need to let off steam !

For children who are fans of video games, we recommend the VR World. This space is definitely a must-see in New York when you have young children who love virtual worlds. Here, there are nearly 50 games that offer them to discover virtual universes of all kinds ! For the thrill rides, direction Coney Island, its beaches and its famous Luna Park, while you want to make your children discover the world in miniature, it’s time to go’is like Gulliver’s Gate in Times Square that’it is necessary to go to !

What are the most important monuments in New York when you are with your family ?

Talking about New-York without mentioning its skyscrapers, it’s a’A visit to New York City is a bit like talking about Strudel without the cream. Whatever your age, you can’t remain insensitive to the spectacle offered by the breathtaking view from the’a point as high as the upper floors of the l’Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center or the Chrysler Building. N’Don’t hesitate to use their elevators to take your children up there, unique memories guaranteed !

Moreover, it is obvious that some of the symbols of the city should not be forgotten. We think first of the Statue of Liberty, offered by the French to the young American nation of’which was the first vision of millions of people’immigrants in the course of the years. Among the visits not to be missed in New York when you have young children, let us also mention Times Square and its lights.

If the place is crowded and the’Although the call to consumption is omnipresent, it is essential to mention it’If you have been there before leaving ! Finally, if you’you can visit New York without speaking English, it’s not a problem’is because some visions of the city don’t need comments to be appreciated. Take a Circle Line sightseeing cruise around the urban jungle and you will immediately understand why !

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