Rome prepare your gourmet visit!

Rome: prepare your gourmet visit !

The city of Rome is known for its Colosseum and many other historical monuments, but also for its various culinary specialties. Like all visitors to Rome, you expect to taste the best pizza and pasta of your life. To do this, take the time to prepare your gourmet tour.

Tips for a successful food tour during your stay in Rome

For your trip to Rome, your expectations are high on the culinary front and it’s not easy to choose’is quite normal ! Fortunately, you can prepare your move by planning ahead’Just remember to book your dining experience in advance. Nothing could be easier, because with the tips of the blog for example, you will find many tips to prepare your stay in Rome. You will discover all the good plans, advice and practical tips to make your gourmet visit a real success.

Various reservations are also available if you want to have everything settled before you leave for Rome.

Tours focused on food

L’One of the best ways to discover the Italian culinary culture is to try a pizza’is to participate in advance’one of the gastronomic tours offered in the capital. Because there are so many restaurants in Rome, you may have a hard time choosing once you get there. D’elsewhere, the best dishes are most often offered in the least known and most unexpected addresses.

Each district of the city has its own flavors, so you will be guided through the city to taste the best specialties. You have the choice between different itineraries pizza, cheese, pasta, various desserts, pastries, street food, etc… You’ll get off the beaten track by eating like the locals !

gourmet visit Rome

Travel to Rome: try unusual diners

Combine romance and indulgence by opting for the unusual dining experiences offered on site. You will be able to enjoy good food in the picturesque setting of Rome’s most famous monuments. An authentic experience you won’t want to miss’go more forget.

You can also enjoy delicious food on a rooftop with a view of the Italian city, in a beautiful garden, in a private cellar or in the courtyard of the Vatican Museums. Just remember to book your dining experience in advance’It is important to participate in advance, as this type of event is naturally very popular.

Where to find the best pizzerias in Rome ?

It is impossible to visit Rome without tasting this emblematic specialty of the city’Italy. To avoid disappointment, you should choose the pizzerias carefully. To be sure to taste the best pizzas, the famous pizzerias like La Gatta Mangiona and La Pariolina should be on your list.

We recommend that you visit the following places’elsewhere from’call for reservations, as these are very popular restaurants. The schedules of’The opening hours of the restaurants also vary a lot in Rome (some pizzerias open only in the evening while others are closed)’others close at 5 pm…). In most pizzerias, it is possible to eat on the spot (at the restaurant)’inside or on a terrace). Remember, the best pizzas are often those served on street corners.

You can enjoy a good pizza while walking around, between two visits.

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