Spring break in Cancún, Mexico : to know about this trip

Spring break in Cancún, Mexico: what you should know about this trip

If you are wondering what is the last opportunity for them’is the spring break in Cancún, so close your eyes for a few moments and imagine this: a turquoise blue sea, a fine sandy beach, a bright sun and, in this postcard decor, hordes of people’students who come there with only one thing in mind’order, to party. A non-stop party where the’where the alcohol flows freely and the bodies in fusion are unleashed on a wild music.

Running from mid-February to early April, spring break corresponds to our spring vacation. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come to the city to relax’American students arrive in successive waves on the beaches of Florida and Mexico. C’If you are wondering what is the last opportunity for them to breathe and especially to let go before going to the beach’start a sprint that will take them to the top of the world’to the final exams.

Between tropical cocktails, pool parties and wet T-shirt contests, everything is done to make Steve and Brenda feel at home’offer a week of total decompression.

Once upon a time, the Mexican city of Cancún

It’s not’It took Cancún only a few decades to go from being a small town to a big city’a modest fishing village to the most popular seaside resort of Mexico . It is necessary to say that the city benefits from’a very strategic location. Located on the edge of the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by’With its lush vegetation, Cancún also offers quick access to a wide range of activities’admirable pre-Columbian sites. White sand and Mayan secrets, a seductive combination that does not’has not escaped the Mexican authorities.

Since the beginning of the seventies, they have been working to polish the jewel by concreting the coastline on about twenty kilometers. The environmental norms being rather loose in the country of Zorro, the hotel zone has known a meteoric expansion. Shopping malls, bars and restaurants now proudly occupy the waterfront.

If the spring break in Cancún drains a considerable world during a short period of time, it is nevertheless necessary to specify that the seaside resort welcomes all along the year the world’s most popular tourist destination’year millions of visitors who are eager to get rid of their vacation budget. You can also opt for a renting house vacations with private swimming pool not expensive particular.

spring break

Spring break in Cancún: the mecca for American students

For all spring breaker If you’re a self-respecting student, spring break in Cancún is a must, an unavoidable step in your university studies. The nightlife is indeed amazing’an unparalleled density. Among the spots not to be missed, the Congo Bongo, the Pallazo or the Baja Beach Club will satisfy the most demanding partygoers.

Want to bomb on a cruise? ? Get on the Rockstar Party Boat and you’re in for four hours of non-stop fun. In Cancún, everything is possible.

L’inception Music Festival, It tells you something ? Launched in 2013, it is’the most important musical festival during the spring break period. And where is organized this planetary event ? In Cancún, of course. For thirty days and thirty nights, the seaside resort lives to the rhythm of the decibels spit by the Djs in vogue.

Whether it is in a club or on the beach, famous Mcs are also part of the party to make the sauce go up and put you in the most festive mood.

Hola Cancún

You the’a stay in Cancún in the middle of spring break s’It is primarily aimed at the inveterate party-goers. But if you have the right profile and want to try the’adventure, nothing could be easier. The city has’a international airport It is a first class city that surpasses Mexico City in terms of traffic. There are flights from Paris to Cancún with or without a stopover every day of the week.

It is however preferable to take you there at the beginning of the year’The city is well worth a visit, especially if you plan to leave in March, when spring break is in full swing.

Same thing for the accommodation. Better to anticipate a few months. All-inclusive formula in a hotel, rental of a car, etc’an apartment on Airbnb or a youth hostel, there are plenty of options. It’s up to you to decide which one best suits your desires and especially your budget.

Compulsive clubbers, all-night drinkers and other lovers of exotic trips, don’t miss the’opportunity to to make the fiesta in a place already mythical and more than ever trendy. The spring break in Cancún is waiting for you.

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