The most beautiful cities of Morocco for your stay

The most beautiful cities in Morocco for your stay

Morocco is a country with a unique history and a breathtaking cultural heritage. Kingdom located at the crossroads of cultures, it has known a mixture of civilizations until recently, but has retained its unique aspect through a delicious gastronomy and a rich history.

Architecture mixing oriental, andalusian and berber styles, patterns and lifestyle, Morocco has everything to offer’a destination of choice for an unforgettable trip.

5 of the most beautiful cities in Morocco to stay in

Longing for sun and warm sand ? To enjoy the beaches or the dunes of the desert ? Morocco offers a wide range of landscapes and activities between souks, palaces and historical cities, camel riding or lazing on the beach. In addition to that, Morocco is a destination where it is easy to find cheap stays, what to offer a relaxing weekend at low cost.

But faced with such a wealth, it can be difficult to know which cities to visit and where to stay and to know which is the most beautiful city in Morocco ? To help you in your choice, here are the top 5 most beautiful cities in Morocco !


Casablanca is the city that never sleeps. As the nerve center of the Moroccan economy, this city vibrates to the rhythm of trendy bars and clubs, tourists and celebrities. Lined with warm sandy beaches, Casablanca is the largest city in the Maghreb with its 384 km2.

Constituted around the medina which happens to be the historical heart of the city, Casablanca has one of the largest mosques in the world. Between traditional Moroccan styles, art deco and living colors, Casablanca is the cosmopolitan city par excellence where to go for parties and enjoy a cocktail in front of a magnificent sunset.


You are one of those who avoid tourist sites par excellence ? You will miss a lot if you don’t visit Marrakech. Tourist capital of the kingdom, Marrakech is a unique pearl known for its open-air souks, its colorful and breathtaking architecture as well as its craftsmanship.

Nicknamed the “red city” or “ochre city”, Marrakech is so named because of its buildings, most of which are made of beaten clay, which give it this very special color.

In addition to breathtaking buildings, the city is full of traditional and modern gardens, enough to escape and think in another world, the time of a stroll.


If you want to enjoy and marvel at the architecture and culture of Morocco, Fez is definitely the place to go, whether by car from France or by plane. Nicknamed the Mecca of culture, Fez Morocco is a concentrate of open air history where Berber, Moroccan and Islamic culture meet.

The mosques are must-sees, as well as the museums that contain most of the city’s history. Don’t hesitate to stroll through the old streets where surprises and charms are hidden in the alleys.

Finally, Fez is mostly known for its centuries-old craftsmanship and for its bread, the tastiest in the kingdom.



Unique, magical and breathtaking. This is how to describe in a few words Chefchaouen. A small city, it is famous for its local tradition that has led to a uniqueness all its own.

Nicknamed the Blue City, the buildings and walls of Chefchaouen are indeed mostly blue.

This color is obtained from copper sulfate, which was mixed with lime and gave this unique hue to the walls. Used to reflect the sun’s rays and keep houses cool, copper sulfate was also effective in repelling insects and termites.

A tradition above all practical, which ended up making this city a tourist mecca.



After Casablanca, Tangier is the second economic and tourist center of Morocco. Located at the end of the Strait of Gibraltar, this city is 15 km from the Spanish coast. It is in its port that pleasure and travel ships from Europe usually dock.

Tangier is also strong of a great industry with the imputation of textile, chemical, metallurgical or naval factories.

Originally a seaside resort, the city is now turning to commerce and hopes to become a hub for the region’s maritime trade. The creation of a giant port as well as new ports and several other construction projects are opening a new way for this cosmopolitan city.

Tangier also has long beaches and sea caves, where the hours fly by at the speed of minutes.

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