Travel to Finland by trekking

Northern country of the’Europe, Finland hosts, every year, aée, an impressive number of tourists. They practice various activities thereés, but the most takenée remains the trekking. It s’acts of long dayés journey to learn more about hikingée péThe Arctic is a land of happiness that can be explored better.

The country is’y prêWe are sure that you will find everything you need to make your life easierâche.

Trekking: the best option

Trekking is the best option when you want to get away from it all’A trip to Finland to learn more aboutécier all its splendor. The country is endowedé d’a géographyèwhich justifies à It alone, the’intérês’trekking there.

A suitable environmenté

Finland has a lot to offerès of a thousand lakes, many rivers and lakes îthe and d’at least 40 national parks. The latter are composed of forêts, mountains and riversères. Everything you need’it is necessary for daysés vacation is immersed in the countryéin the middle of nature.

Finland’s national parks are among the world’s must-see trekking destinations.

The structuring of each of’them makes your séday easy and agréable. Indeed, circuits pés are there to help themés largest area is still occupied by a large number of specieséand with or without a guide. In addition, each park offers rental cabins, free cabins, picnic areas and even campfires for your nights’accèIn addition, each park offers rental cabins, self-catering cabins, picnic areas and even campfires for your overnight stays.

For aécovered impressive

The Finns are characteristicallyérisés culture of toleranceés, your experience will be one of trust, of sharing that makes you feel at home. Each éYou will learn a lot about this people during the trek. You’ll share your passion for nature with a flora and fauna that is very diverse’excellent memories together.

It does not’is not éting that many tourists és Park prove the point’desire for’to come back and stay. Extraordinary stories are hidden behind each parkèbehind each park.

Réputée for a phénameèIt is an exceptional and impressive physical experience à spiritual connotation, Finland is taken as a place of worshipéfor the possibility ofé to see the’aurora boréale. Some of the mountain top chalets have a separate entrance for each chalet’a glass roof. This allows for easy and pleasant day-to-day observation à At any time. These cottages are only accessible to children’afterès of long dayséof walking.

At the end, it is not’There is nothing more exhilarating than to see the’aurora boréale.

A éco-éducation

Visiting Finland is a great way to get to know the country’is also learning à déand with or without a guide à respect the nature. The Finnish national parks are a great way to immerse yourself in natureâthis à their composition. L’accessès à each one of them has’them is allowedé à any person à s only condition is that you leave no trace of your belongings behindéchet traîné to the ground.

Each park must êIt is possible to be as clean after walkingès your passage. Such a éEducation for children is a key factor in the success of the project’They are responsible adults and respectful of nature.

Où going to Finland for trekking ?

Most of Finland’s surface area remains occupied by theéYou will share the nature with a very rich flora and faunaès variedée. It is then possible to trek everywhere. However, for reasons of safety, you will be able toéSecurityé s human rights, protection and conservation’The national parks have been established in Finland. L’authorityé The management of these parks has a lot to offeréwithin these circuits péA native guideètrivializedés and maintained. Put several parks in one itineraryéraire is the recommendation of all tourists.

As an example of’itineraryéIf you want to learn more, you can trek from Pyhä à Luosto or Pällas-Hetta to Pallas-Yll Parkästunturi in Lapland.

A guide for more informationécovered

For a trekking and hiking experienceés rich historyécovered and festive, make you accompany. A guide native of the country hasèThe national parks have all the assets to make you feel at homeécover the country from its history to the present’à his way of life. Grâthis à him, your experienceéexperience’intéIt will be easier to get along with the locals and it will be easier to get to know themémorable.

The accompanying treké is the best option to visit Finland. N’Remember that the people are friendly and teach respect for nature.

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