Winter vacations Four reasons to travel by train!

Winter vacations: four reasons to go on a train trip !

The winter vacations are approaching fast. It’s the ideal time to take a break and discover the wonders of the world. And if for these winter vacations, you prefer to travel by train ? Recently, this means of transportation has become very trendy because of the many advantages it offers.

Discover these in this article.

To protect the planet

The car and the’airplanes are very polluting means of transportation. They consume a lot of fuel and emit a significant amount of greenhouse gases. Yet at a time of climate emergency, a change in behavior must be made by everyone.

If you want to contribute to this fight, opting for a train vacation is already a good decision. Indeed, this means of transport is truly ecological. According to the ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management)’the environment and the mastery of the’energy), the train pollutes 50 times less than a plane, 10 times less than a bus and 8 times less than a car. For example, on a flight from Paris to London, each passenger emits 244 kg of CO₂.

However, by train, this carbon footprint will only be 22 kg of CO₂ per person.

To admire the diversity of the landscape

The low speed of the train gives you the opportunity to to contemplate the landscapes distance you travel. And thanks to its large windows, this means of transport allows you to take beautiful pictures of memories. This is not possible by plane, and even less so during a car journey.

As well, with the magnificent spectacle of the locomotive, the trip seems to be a lot of fun less time, no matter how far you travel.

To enjoy great comfort

It is no secret that traveling by plane, and particularly in economy class, is often painful because of the small size of the space. Indeed, only a few dozen centimeters separate you from the seat of our neighbor. This leads to a real discomfort during the whole journey. To this problem, the train brings a solution.

Indeed, in this means of transport, the space to occupy is quite large. You will be able to get comfortable, stretch your legs and even make a little nap during the journey without disturbing your neighbors. The large and well-padded armchairs avoid you to muscular pains and cramps. Also, you have the possibility to to stretch the legs by taking a walk inside the cars.

In addition, to optimize your comfort, the train offers a nursery to change your baby, a particularly friendly family area, but also a bar. In other words, everything is planned to allow you to have a pleasant trip.

To save money

You have a low budget, but you still want to go on vacation this winter ? The ideal would be to opt for a trip by train. You have the possibility to enjoy cheaper tickets by booking your trip as soon as possible. For example, if you want to go on vacation in December, make your reservation now.

Also, booking your ticket allows you to to avoid rush hours.

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