To do if you suffer from phobic fear of flying simple techniques, CBD and relaxation

What to do if you suffer from phobic fear of flying: simple techniques, CBD and relaxation

You embark in a few days and you feel some unwelcome jolts in the pit of your stomach ? You can’t think of anything else and it interferes with your daily life ? The fear of flying is common to many people. It can lead you to avoid flying, or even to give up beautiful trips. To free yourself from this deep-seated anxiety, we offer affordable techniques so that you can fly to a multitude of other landscapes without fear. Follow the guide !

Adopt relaxation techniques

To overcome its phobic fear of flying, there are simple and useful relaxation techniques to know.

Practicing mindfulness meditation: a gentle and accessible technique

Mindfulness meditation is a technique regularly used for generalized anxiety and phobia. It is about reaching a state of physical relaxation thanks to breathing exercises to detach yourself from the notion of judgment. This technique allows you to distance yourself from negative emotions, to accept them as such and to face them in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

It is often recommended to combine mindfulness meditation with a complementary therapy.

phobic fear of flying

Taking CBD: a new technique to relax

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the most common drug in the world’You will be able to discover one of the 113 cannabinoids identified and present in the “cannabis sativa” plant, which has two main species: hemp and cannabis. CBD reduces anxiety, CBD reduces fear and has no side effects or addiction. Relaxation with CBD is a technique increasingly used by people suffering from phobic fear of flying.

Good to know: hemp is different from marijuana in that it does not cause psychotropic or psychoactive effects. The level of CBD contained in hemp is high, but not the level of THC, which remains very low (less than 0.3 %).

Overcome your fear of flying: get to know your environment

A phobia is an extreme and irrational fear of something. Approximately 10 to 20% of the population develops some form of it at some point in their lives. To take care of the phobic fear of flying, you can learn about this mode of transportation by reading technical books about how airplanes are made or how they are assembled.

The airline Air France also offers a course to reduce the anxiety and anguish of people with fear of flying.

This course offers a prior interview with a psychologist, theoretical courses to get to know the plane better, a simulator to put into practice the new knowledge acquired previously and a personalized follow-up once the course is over. If this phobic fear of flying If you feel that your vacation destination is encroaching on your daily life, don’t hesitate to apply some of the techniques in this article in order to live as serenely as possible.

Don’t forget that a plane trip must be prepared in advance and that a healthy lifestyle is essential to ensure a comfortable flight. List also the essentials to take with you to have a good stay and avoid anxiety-provoking situations. Finally, don’t lose sight of the main objective of your trip and focus your mind on the positive.

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