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Camping: you are ready to go ?

The camping promises you many activities that allow you to spend a lot of time on your holiday’pleasant moments in harmony with nature: barbecues, campfires, walks, surfing… However, to fully enjoy this type of tourism, it is necessary to be properly prepared. What equipment should you pack?’it is necessary to foresee ? Which destinations to choose for the best camping experience ?

Bring a sleeping bag

All true camping enthusiasts know that a sleeping bag is a must’it is difficult, if not impossible, to have a peaceful stay in nature without a good quality sleeping bag. C’is the’indispensable accessory for Sleep warmly At night after a day full of discoveries and thrills. On the market, different sleeping bag models are available for campers: straight sleeping bags, mummy sleeping bags, sleeping bags for children… To help you prepare your camping trip, we present below some criteria to take into consideration when making your choice.

The external temperature

The outside temperature is an essential criterion in the choice of your sleeping bag. Depending on the camping area and the season, the temperature can fluctuate greatly. In high altitude areas, for example, night-time temperature drops are common.

For avoid the’hypothermia At night, you should choose a sleeping bag that can withstand extreme temperatures.

The filling

The filling is the material contained in your sleeping bag. C’is the’one of the most important criteria, because it is the only way to get the most out of your stay guarantees good warmth. The filling of a sleeping bag’The filling of a sleeping bag can be made of down, polyester, synthetic fiber, linen, cotton or polyamide.

Depending on the geographical area in which you are camping, the choice of padding can be a determining factor. Down, for example, offers the best warmth’one of the best thermal insulation/weight ratios. Synthetic fiber, on the other hand, is hydrophobic and will be more suitable for regions with high humidity.

Other criteria

For your final choice, you can also take into consideration the following criteria :

  • The shape,
  • The weight (the lighter it is, the better it is)’is),
  • The compressed volume (it must be important to limit the size of the bag)’congestion),
  • The closing system.

The camping bag to store all your stuff

Organizing your camping trip also requires that you store all your belongings properly. For this purpose, you can use a sleeping bag’a camping bag. If you have to walk with it, make sure that its weight is not too great’s not more than a quarter of the value of your tripôtre. For a better weight distribution, It is advisable to place the lightest items at the bottom of the bag, the heaviest items in the middle and the rest on top.

Keep in mind that some things, such as your outdoor sports equipment, are not adapted to be carried in the bag.

A camping tent: a must

L’One of the first accessories to take along for your camping is a tent. It ensures you comfort and protection at nightfall. C’is the’equivalent of your home in a lighter and mobile version. Several models are available on the market and your final choice must depend on certain criteria.

D’At first, the surface occupied by the tent is the same as the one used by the campers’To take advantage of this inexhaustible source of energy, one of the first criteria to consider is the size of the tent.

Then, the weight of the tent This can also be a determining criterion. This is especially the case when you plan to carry it in your camping bag. In addition, the type of tent is also a size criterion. There are generally three types of tents: a tent with a wooden frame and a tent with a wooden roof’summer, three-season tents and tents for the winter’winter or summer’expedition.

It is advisable to choose your tent according to the season during which you organize your camping. Finally, the number of doors in the tent can also be important, especially if there are many of you.

Bring a camping stove

During your camping trip, you will probably need to heat up some water’water or to cook your food. Many models of stoves are available for this purpose. You can choose a gas, multi-fuel, alternative fuel (wood, pellets), alcohol equipment.

They all have characteristics (burning time, speed of fire, etc.) that make them ideal for all kinds of activities’ebullience, autonomy…) and specific advantages that make them more or less suitable for certain uses. The gas stoves for example are easy to use, but are not suitable for long expeditions. The wood-burning models, on the other hand, are practical for long stays, because their fuel is available everywhere.

As for the alcohol stoves, they are lighter, but also less powerful.

N’Don’t forget your solar kit

You will need’a source of’energy to recharge your various devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)…). To do this, several solutions are available’offer to you. However, the easiest is the’Use of the’solar energy.

Free and available everywhere on the globe, it will allow you to stay connected during your camping. To take advantage of this inexhaustible source of energy, you need to bring a stove’If you are looking for energy, all you need is a solar kit.

What are the best destinations for camping ?

For the most pleasant camping experience, you should choose a good destination for to live unique moments. Here are the best destinations for camping in France.


With its sumptuous landscapes, its wild nature, its beaches and its steep relief, Corsica is a dream destination for campers. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. Different activities can be practiced there like hiking (the famous GR20) and kayaking.

In winter, you can practice skiing, especially in the Niolo valley (cross-country skiing) or in the Val d’Aosta’Ese (ski slope).

dream destinations for camping

The Vendée

Located below Brittany, this department owes its name to the river of the same name. It is particularly known for being the starting point of the Vendée Globe race. With its 140 km of beach, The Vendée is undoubtedly the region that offers the most camping places.

You can leave to discover the Sables d’Ardèche’Olonne, its marshes, parks and forests without forgetting the biological reserve of Nalliers-Mouzeuil-St-Martin.


L’Ardèche is the’one of the French departments where nature is still strongly present. Very rich in forests and meadows, it is a dream spot for campers who aspire to a deep immersion in a natural environment. In this department, you will be able to practice various activities such as hiking, horseback riding, horseback riding, etc’climbing, mountain biking, the’horseback riding… Moreover, with its 5,000 km of rivers and streams, the Ardèche is the ideal place for a wide range of activities’water, it is possible to’water activities such as canoeing or kayaking.


Lush vegetation, remarkable cliffs, large sandy beaches… Normandy does not lack of’advantages and pôthe d’attraction for campers. In this region of Northeastern France, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing vacation’opportunity to discover rivers, beautiful forests and picturesque villages.

You now know the elements to consider for a successful camping trip. Now you can make your checklist. Be sure to check all the boxes to ensure that your home is weatherproof’avoid a’possible inconveniences. Good camping !

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