Immediate take-off for Tel Aviv!

Immediate take-off for Tel Aviv !

Very popular with tourists, Tel Aviv is known to be a particularly dynamic and modern city with a festive atmosphere. Resolutely oriented towards the’In the future, it welcomes you in an idyllic setting with long stretches of beach and architecture that is both design and more traditional. So if you want to visit this little gem of a city, you’ve come to the right place’Israel is’is here that it happens !

An incredible cultural wealth

Your itinerary starts with Bauhaus, the’one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. Built in the 1930’s, you will discover a singular and beautiful architecture. D’elsewhere, it is’It is in this area that you will be able to stay in luxurious and fully equipped apartments for a dream stay. For this, you just have to book on this dedicated website.

To continue, head for the flea market of Jaffa with the’one of the oldest and most crowded neighborhoods in Israel’history. Strolling through the aisles, you will discover not only restaurants but also small cafes and also, thrift shops. As far as museums are concerned, it is impossible to miss the Museum of Art’The city is also known for its art collection, which includes paintings by the greatest masters such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Chagall. Finally, head for the beaches which are not to be missed’The beaches of the Sea of Galilee have absolutely nothing to envy to the Californian beaches with their endless expanses !

And in the surrounding area ?

Next to Tel Aviv, you should know that’Israel is full of wonders that are not to be missed’are waiting for you ! Of course, the old city of Jerusalem remains unmissable as well as the Wailing Wall. For a getaway, think about getting lost in the Ramon Crater, which offers an exceptional panorama of arid expanses !

A little further on, you can head for the Sea of Galilee, which is known for its storms and, above all, its sudden change in temperature only a few kilometers away’interval. Finally, passing close to the Palestinian border, you will be able to stay in Tel Aviv’Don’t hesitate to make a detour to the Dead Sea for an unforgettable salty swim ! There is nothing left for you to do but’to take off !

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