Where and how to travel during Covid-19

Where and how to travel during Covid-19 ?

After months of health crisis, the need for shelter was felt’escape is felt. Due to the aftermath of the pandemic, it is still complicated to travel to the island. Fortunately, the current situation seems to be gradually recovering and some destinations are now open to tourists.

To travel in all serenity with Covid-19, here are our advices and suggestions.

Which vacation destinations are accessible during the pandemic? ?

Although there are no longer any red countries on the map of countries to travel to, the virus is still active in many countries. It is therefore important to choose the destination where you want to spend your vacations, in order to avoid any further infection’to avoid further contamination. For the’hour, alone countries classified in green The following destinations are recommended by the French authorities for travel. In these territories, the circulation of the virus is reduced and there are no worrying variants’is observed.

The countries in orange are possible destinations if you are vaccinated. It is important to know that in these territories, the circulation of the virus is still very active, even if the pandemic is under control’we don’t’no variants of concern are observed.

Take advantage of’a cruise in Martinique

Among the destinations classified in green, Martinique is one of those to be favored. Known as the’Martinique is an island of flowers, full of inner treasures to discover: an amazing historical heritage, grandiose natural sites, a rich and mixed culture…

Martinique also attracts visitors with its white sandy beaches, turquoise sea and landscapes worthy of a visit’a postcard. For an unforgettable vacation, treat yourself to a relaxing trip to Martinique and let yourself be tempted by a catamaran cruise. Both stable and comfortable, this boat will show you the wonders of the’island. You will quickly forget the current constraints with a vacation on the island’water.

Going on vacation during the Covid-19

Travel in Europe

The majority of countries classified in green are part of the’European area. It s’This includes all the countries of the world the Member States of the European Union’European Union, of the’Andorra, the’Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican. If you are planning to stay in Europe, we advise you to choose the best option’one of these countries.

Rich in culture and history, they all have something to satisfy you.

As the situation is changing rapidly, we invite you to regularly consult the official websites of the European Union’French administration to know destinations accessible to the French.

What are the conditions for travel during the health crisis? ?

It n’It is not always easy to travel during the pandemic. Indeed, several countries still close their borders, for fear of being caught in the middle of the world’be struck again by the virus. D’Other countries require a PCR test and Covid-19 travel insurance for all visitors entering their territory.

Despite these restrictions, the current situation seems to be gradually returning to normal. While waiting for the complete disappearance of the virus, it is advised to respect these recommendations health instructions :

  • present a vaccination pass, a vaccination certificate or a health pass, if the country the’requires,
  • present a negative PCR test,
  • get a digital Covid certificate from the’EU (health passport),
  • Get a Covid-19 insurance,
  • book tickets with travel options’cancellation or modification,
  • Respect the barrier measures (wearing a mask, washing your hands regularly, etc.)…).

Also consult the official websites of your destination country in order to find out more about the different types of diseases the latest restrictions and obligations.

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